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What are the choices of exhibition stand space?

There are various choices of Exhibition Stand Space offered by Organizer Particular Exhibitions. The major Exhibitions offer two types of space: Space only and Shell Scheme Stall.

Space only

Space only is cheaper but you will be responsible for supplying everything within that space from the carpet to the walls and lighting. Space only stands are generally taken by clients that are having a custom built exhibition stand. Space only stands can normally be built to a height of 4m before planning permission is required.

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Shell scheme

A Shell scheme is where you are purchasing a standard exhibition package from the event organizers. They come complete with carpet, walls and ceiling, electrical socket, fluorescent lights and name board.

Octanorm Stall, System Stall

Tejaswi  Display can help you with this choice along with selecting the best positions within the hall where you will find most exhibitor traffic.

Various things can be done in Shell Scheme Stall- Read :

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You may Check out some special combos we are offering

Shell Scheme Hanger Banner Combo

3×3 Mtr  ( 9 Square Meter) Shell Scheme Combo

4×3 Mtr ( 12 Square Meter) Shell Scheme Combo



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