Exhibition Designing Tips

Steps to Exhibition Participation

Exhibition is one of the most effective marketing methods for enterprises. At the same time and the same place, the most important producers and purchasers in some industry get together. It is difficult to find such a good opportunity in other occasions. Participating in an exhibition may bring comprehensive information about the market quickly. In this way, enterprises can show their products to the foreign customers and at the same time feel the trend of their industries. How to participate in an exhibition?


There are several ways to get information about exhibitions. Internet is the fastest, cheapest, most effective and convenient way. Enterprises can get to know exhibitions clearer and more exact no matter how far it is. Meanwhile, this way can save time, money, and energy.

Traditional media:
From some newspapers, magazines, journals and TV advertisements, it is possible to get exhibition information.

Advertisements and bulletins in the public places:
It is also a way to get exhibition. The premise is one should pay attention to these advertisements and bulletins in the public places.

From peers:

From the communication among the people of the same industry, it is possible to get exhibition information.
Exhibition Designing Tips

How to select an effective exhibition is vital. There are different exhibitions nowadays, but not all of them are useful.

First, choose some famous exhibitions:

Enterprises should choose the exhibitions held by the famous enterprises because famous and powerful enterprises have great rallying point. The more famous the exhibition, the more people will be attracted. The possibility of transactions is no doubt great. Though the fee may be higher than some unknown exhibitions, the money paid on the famous exhibitions is cost-effective. In order to save money, enterprises may co-rent a booth with others.

Second, choose the proper participation time:

Every kind of product has its lifecycle that is to say the period of birth, grow, ripe, full and recession. Generally speaking, at the stage of products birth and growth, enterprises may get twice the result with half the effort, while at the mature and saturation stage, enterprises may get half the result with twice the effort. At the recession stage, they would work fruitlessly.

Third, choose the proper participation place:

The basic purpose of exhibitions is to promote the sales of products so it is important for enterprises to work out whether some exhibition locations and surrounding areas are their target markets. Sometimes it is necessary to have a market investigation.


When decided to participate some exhibition, enterprises should go all it out. It is a complex work to prepare an exhibition. There are too many things to be considered and too much work to do. The following steps can’t be lost.

First, the choice of exhibits:

Exhibits can impress visitors deeply. There are three tenets that exhibits should follow. Exhibits should be targeted, distinctive and representative. Exhibits should have target, which means that the exhibits should show the aim and content of the exhibition. Exhibits should have representative, which means that exhibits should show the industry characteristics, throughput and technique level of the shower. Exhibits should have specialty, which means exhibits should show the distinction of the products.

Second, the way to show exhibition:

Sometimes it is necessary to give diagrams, photos, models and commentators. Decoration, scene, illumination, video and audio can’t be omitted.

Third, exhibition staff:

The exhibition staff should know the products well. Workload decides the number of the exhibition staff. They should be trained in some aspects such as professional knowledge, demonstration methods.

Fourth, the invitation of guests:

Everybody hopes the exhibition is full of persons, but not all of the exhibitions are packed with people. So it is necessary to invite some guests consciously. Call, sending out invitations, advertisements are good ways.

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