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Things to Know when Participating in an Exhibition

With vast number of exhibitions taking place yearly, there are great number of participants who are new to the expos. These participants tend to get highly confused with formalities to make their participation successful.

We will talk about the basics that can help any participant to grow their foot hold in the expo and enable them to achieve their overall expo objectives

1. Know your Expo

You must understand the Expo strength in the market by studying their past performance, participant strengths, visitor strengths etc to understand how your participation in the Expo will help your objective. Understand various categories and industry of participants including your competitors as to get an idea of the overall industry strength.

2. Position in Expo

This again is a very crucial factor considering your exhibition stall position against your competitors to get an optimization in the Exhibitions. Stall Positions gives you a boost if you are near the entry or at a prominent place to attain maximum Brand Visualization.

3. Exhibition Stall Design – Decoration

You need to decide whether you need your Exhibition Stall to be Designed or Just decorated taking an existing stall structure from organizer.  Ofcourse a custom Exhibition Stall Design will boost your overall exhibition objective by pulling target audience to your stall. Check Out Exhibition Stall Fabrication to Get an Idea.

However if Budget is the constraint taking a ready shell structure can also be optimized using Portable Exhibition Kit so that you can reuse the Kit for future exhibitions too. Check Out Portable Exhibition Stall or Portable Exhibition Kit to get an Idea

4. Exhibitor Manual

Exhibitor Manual will your bible for the Expo, all the details required for the expo participation is all mentioned in the manual, Including :

  • Stall Decoration / Construction Parameter
  • Logistics Requirement, Incase you need your equipments, machinery etc to be transported to the expo.
  • All approval requirement to be fulfilled to avoid any hassles for expo
  • All the Forms from Power to Design to sponsorship etc to be fulfilled

There are vast number of things covered in the manual, that we suggest you study as to be clear for all your expo participation.

5. Sponsorship in Expo

The Expo does gives you an option of Sponsorship at various levels, depending on kind of Expo importance or budget you can decide on the options if to go for sponsorship or no. The point being to give more visibility to the expos by being a expo sponsor to get an edge over your competitors.

6. Crowd Pulling Activity

There are vast number of activity that can be carried out to pull the crowd, whether it is branded give away, games, brochure distribution etc. depends totally in your objective and budget. These activities needs to be specific and to be designed to align with your marketing campaigns at site.

We wish you have great exposure and success in your exhibitions for all your expos. Remember Planning is very important, and ensure objective is sustained through the process.

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