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Ways to make your exhibition stall stand out from the crowd

Showing at an exhibition or trade show is a fantastic way to raise the profile of your company and can usually result in a number or profitable business relationships.

While it’s easy to get a stand at an exhibition, the key thing is to make it stand (excuse the pun!) out from the crowd. You need to make your exhibition stand exciting and appealing to your targeted customer base if you want to beat the competition. The IT Rentals team have been working in the exhibitions industry for ages so luckily know a thing or two when it comes to exhibition stands – here are our top 5 tips for creating the perfect exhibition stand.

1. Make it visually exciting: While it’s important to keep the design elements of the stand fairly simple, it’s imperative that you make your stand look as exciting and different as possible. In a room of around 100 exhibition stands, you need to do all you can to make your stand memorable and attractive. Try adding a splash of bright pink or green to your stand – bright colours like this can help to attract attention and may encourage attendees to visit your stall.

2. Rent the latest IT equipment: Forget forking out your entire monthly budget purchasing a new kiosk or touch screen device! Lots of IT Rental companies offer fantastic deals on the latest pieces of equipment. Why not rent a few tablets to show products to visitors on the move or a voting system to encourage visitor interaction?

3. Give something away: OK, this one might sound a bit like a cliché but it does work! Whether it’s a simple item like a pen or a keyring or a more expensive item like a memory stick; free customised items can make your business seem generous and can instantly help to make your business more memorable in the eyes of others.

4. Offer something different: Like I said earlier your stand will only succeed if you make it different from the rest so you need to think outside of the box. Why not offer up some light relief in the form of entertainers? Something like this will give visitors a break from information overload and might encourage them to stay at your stand for longer.

5. Stock up on food and drink: While I’m not encouraging you to lay on a 5* buffet with champagne, I am encouraging you to think about the needs of your visitors. Simply offering them a drink of water and a chocolate bar will show your business actually cares and is different from the rest.

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