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Tips to make your Shell Scheme Octanorm Stall Attractive

There are a lot of  companies who wonder ways  to make their shell scheme octanorm stall attractive and at the end they go ahead with simple solutions that make their stall look clumsy. Their initial objective of participation is hampered due to budget restrictions and end up going for shell scheme stalls provided by the Exhibition Organizer. Companies believe going for professional company will affect their budget and hence submit to available solution which at the end doesn’t connect to their objective of participation. Continue reading Tips to make your Shell Scheme Octanorm Stall Attractive

Setting up an Intelligent exhibition Stall Design

Intelligent exhibition stall design is founded on 2 key principles. The first principle if finding a design which fits in with your company brand and the second is choosing a design which is practical. There shouldn’t be compromise on either one of these points and the following areas should be considered when working with your exhibition contractor:-

  • do you have adequate storage? storage can be gained in various ways e.g. under counter storage, using pillars as storage, on-stand wardrobes located in the store etc
  • does the stand have access points which suit your objectives? if you want to qualify visitors you may consider controlling access via the use of a reception desk and cleverly placed partitions, if you want as many people on the stand as possible then your stand should be open with few partitions and barriers. There are pros and cons of both these options.
  • is your signage/logo in a prominent position on the stand? do visitors know you’re there? Rotating signs situated in a high position on the stand are often a good way of attracting visitor attention. Alternatively you may consider a drop. Costs are always a factor on your decision.
  • we often get the comment ‘I don’t want a pretty looking exhibition stand – because I’m not selling exhibitions, I’m selling my product so why spend a lot of money on the stand.’ We understand that the monetary outlay for exhibitions is often one of the largest in the marketing budget however exhibitions are often the only opportunity your business may get for one to one direct discussions with your potential market. Therefore the first impression you give of yourself is often based on the image you portray via the use of a cleverly designed exhibition stand. First impressions count with exhibition design.
  • Lighting is of significant importance  when wanting to make an impact, the over use of down lights always offers a professional result when lighting your stand.  Lighting shouldn’t be an after thought when assessing your chosen design – overhead canopies offer the perfect opportunity to use stylish down lights.
  • Literature racks should be strategically placed to aid sales and to aid re-stocking.  Regularly at exhibitions literature racks are left empty due to poor placement of the racks and the demands on on-site staff time.  simply by placing the literature racks behind the welcome counter you eliminate re-stocking issues (as you always have a handy stock of literature behind the welcome counter) and you stop literature being picked up by visitors who haven’t been qualified.
  • Should budgets be tight your design can integrate canopies to feed electrics through thus eliminating the need to have a platform
  • AV/Music should be used to set the required scene. it’s also been known for exhibition attendees to use scents to attract visitors to the stand. Attending a food exhibition? the smell of freshly baked bread is a sure way to attract visitors to the stand.  Music can be played during a champagne reception for your most prized prospects – relaxing visitors so they’re in the mood to discuss business.
  • On-stand drinks services encourage visitors to stay (if that is your objective).  Coffee, cocktails and wine is served using professional baristas. This service is ideal for businesses within industries such as medical /food/nuclear etc where on-stand business deals can bring a great deal of revenue and it’s in your interest to keep visitors welcome, comfortable and in a relaxed state of mind.

There are many more ways to integrate intelligent design into your exhibition stand and the results of doing this are outstanding

To Get your Exhibition Stall Designed email at

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How to make your exhibition stall Stand out of the Crowd?

Exhibition information to help you plan and implement the most rewarding and effective exhibition stall for your company.

Why exhibit?

Exhibitions, whether trade or consumer, have the advantage over other forms of advertising as they can deliver all key marketing objectives in one hit. Continue reading How to make your exhibition stall Stand out of the Crowd?

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Points to consider before purchasing a banner stand with graphic

With so many different banner systems available it can be difficult to find out which one will suit your requirements so here are a few points to consider before your decide to purchase. Access Displays can talk to you in more detail about the available options.

  • How many times will you be using this banner system?
  • Do you need a banner where you can easily change the graphic in the future?
  • Will it fit beneath the shell scheme ceiling?
  • You may find that some cheaper graphic printing processes produce a curved image so when several units are stood next to each other there is a large gap.
  • Some cheaper graphic prints will fade in direct sunlight.
  • Some banner stands are designed to lean backwards and others have large stabilising feet so they might not sit as close to a wall as you would like.
  • How good is the rewind mechanism? Many cheap imports don’t work after several days use.
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Things to Know when Participating in an Exhibition

With vast number of exhibitions taking place yearly, there are great number of participants who are new to the expos. These participants tend to get highly confused with formalities to make their participation successful.

We will talk about the basics that can help any participant to grow their foot hold in the expo and enable them to achieve their overall expo objectives

1. Know your Expo

You must understand the Expo strength in the market by studying their past performance, participant strengths, visitor strengths etc to understand how your participation in the Expo will help your objective. Understand various categories and industry of participants including your competitors as to get an idea of the overall industry strength.

2. Position in Expo

This again is a very crucial factor considering your exhibition stall position against your competitors to get an optimization in the Exhibitions. Stall Positions gives you a boost if you are near the entry or at a prominent place to attain maximum Brand Visualization.

3. Exhibition Stall Design – Decoration

You need to decide whether you need your Exhibition Stall to be Designed or Just decorated taking an existing stall structure from organizer.  Ofcourse a custom Exhibition Stall Design will boost your overall exhibition objective by pulling target audience to your stall. Check Out Exhibition Stall Fabrication to Get an Idea.

However if Budget is the constraint taking a ready shell structure can also be optimized using Portable Exhibition Kit so that you can reuse the Kit for future exhibitions too. Check Out Portable Exhibition Stall or Portable Exhibition Kit to get an Idea

4. Exhibitor Manual

Exhibitor Manual will your bible for the Expo, all the details required for the expo participation is all mentioned in the manual, Including :

  • Stall Decoration / Construction Parameter
  • Logistics Requirement, Incase you need your equipments, machinery etc to be transported to the expo.
  • All approval requirement to be fulfilled to avoid any hassles for expo
  • All the Forms from Power to Design to sponsorship etc to be fulfilled

There are vast number of things covered in the manual, that we suggest you study as to be clear for all your expo participation.

5. Sponsorship in Expo

The Expo does gives you an option of Sponsorship at various levels, depending on kind of Expo importance or budget you can decide on the options if to go for sponsorship or no. The point being to give more visibility to the expos by being a expo sponsor to get an edge over your competitors.

6. Crowd Pulling Activity

There are vast number of activity that can be carried out to pull the crowd, whether it is branded give away, games, brochure distribution etc. depends totally in your objective and budget. These activities needs to be specific and to be designed to align with your marketing campaigns at site.

We wish you have great exposure and success in your exhibitions for all your expos. Remember Planning is very important, and ensure objective is sustained through the process.

To get an help with your expo participation mail us at, To get a total turnkey solution for your Expo participation on yearly basis covering all your expos just mail us at . Our team will support you in all your expo endeavours to gain desired results.

What, Why & How of Portable Exhibition Kit..

What is this buzz about Portable Exhibition Kit in the Market ?.. Why it is used extensively globally ?.. How can it help save Exhibition Budget?.. There are thousands of questions and people hardly know the structures at all. Today we will try to answer some of these questions as to get brief of the kits.

What are Portable Exhibition Kits after all?

Portable Exhibition Kit as a special structures that are specially designed so that huge structures can be collapsed to smaller size, easy enough to fit in a bag or carry case. For example There is a back wall structure for your exhibition with branding and same needs to be reused again and again for various exhibitions, the Portable exhibition kit has structure like backdrop that will convert that huge wall into smaller structure so that you can easily carry from places to place, plus set up in minimum time-frame.

Why is it used Extensively Globally ?

These special Kits are great structure comes in various forms and sizes plus utility. It can be you Backdrop or a Counter or a Brochure Holder or a custom display, all can be easily be used  with Portable Exhibition kit. Also you are not to rely on others for the shows, you can set these structures in no time at all. When we participate in global exhibition there is a budget constraint to some extent and going to new place and searching for someone who can help you with the stall is a big risk, this is where Portable Exhibition Kit comes into picture and give you flexibility to use them as you please. Portable Exhibition Kits are the future of the global exhibitions and there are vast number of people using it all across.

How can it help save Exhibition Budget ?

Companies tend to participate in number of exhibitions and these exhibitions has some set of budget for each exhibition for structure construction. With these number of exhibition participation there is a huge chunk of budget that is set. This is where Portable Exhibition Kit comes into picture, these structures are one time investment and every time you participate either you can get them reprinted or use it as it is for a long time with some variation in placement of structure as per stall size.

Is it a Fixed Structure for Exhibition Stall ?

These Kits are customized as per stall requirement and are ready to fit in various stall sizes as per requirement. A one Portable Exhibition Stall can be used for variation of Stall sized by addition or removal of structures here and there and some customization.

If you have any further question for Portable Exhibition Kits, send us mail on Also you can visit our shop of Portable Exhibition Kit at

Indian Plumbing Exhibition & Conference awarded Best Exhibition Stall Award to Lubi Industries LLP

Lubi Industries LLP  Exhibition Stall Designed and Constructed by Tejaswi Services Pvt Ltd is awarded the best exhibition stall for India Plumbing Exhibition & Conference 2015 held at HICC, Hyderabad.

About India Plumbing Exhibition & Conference

The Indian Plumbing Conference in Hyderabad is a conference and trade fair for sanitation, water technology and water treatment. Numerous lectures provide information about the latest techniques of the industry. This exhibition is an communication and information platform for the industry and offers exhibitors the opportunity to present to an expert audience.

About Lubi Industries LLP

Established in 1965 with a cast-iron foundry, located in heart of Gujarat India. This cast-iron foundry in span of 5 decade grew to evolve into state of art high technology 150 mio USD group. ISO 9001 Certified Factory within house designed foundry which makes it a unique pumps manufacturing company producing more than 4500 variety of water pumps & Motor. Lubi has flexibility to design and develop customized product to suite customer requirements.

The Exhibition Stall Design was created by Tejaswi Services Pvt Ltd in highly defined manner and executed to achieve the over all objective of exhibition. The Best Exhibition Stall award once again shows the potential and growth of the company and professional approach towards their clients.