Portable Exhibition Kit

Last minute Exhibition Stall Design Material Tips

It always a good idea to plan your exhibition stall well in advances. However there are circumstances when we really end up with very few days to go to decide on exhibition stall. There are various options and materials available in the market to suit your need.

There are various easy to setup stands available in the market that are easily setup and dismantled to your requirement.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands are some of the most common used elements in exhibition and they are easily available in the market. Banner stands are available in various types – Roll up banner Stands, X Banner Stands, X Banner Stand etc. Roll up banner stands are the most common stands of all used for exhibition available in various sizes to suit you need. Either you can purchase the stand and attach your banner to it or pass it on to agency who gives you banner stand with graphic attached

To View the banner stands go to  link: http://display.tejaswi.biz/index.php/product/rollup-banner-stand/

Catalogue Stands ( Racks)

Again highly effective units to display your brochures and catalogues in exhibition and at last moment these stands are an excellent medium for portability and sustainability. Readily available stands in bags that can be carried your exhibition stall and setup in 5 minutes without any hassles.

View catalogue stands at  http://display.tejaswi.biz/index.php/product/catalogue-stands/

Promotion Table

If you are looking for medium to display your products on the counters with good branding on it, this is another option that is portable and easily setup. These again comes in various materials in the market and have flexibility to setup in short period too

View the promotion table at http://display.tejaswi.biz/index.php/product/promotion-table/

Hanging Banner Stands

Hanging banner Stands are best solution for hanging your posters on the wall without any back attachments and reusable units.  Banner Poster Hanger are the most effiicient and affordable way to present your posters. This poster hanger is the fastest way to fix your poster and in the best position. Whether it is for exhibitions where the you just need to hook it to you back wall to hang to your backwall for individual panels or events where you need an hanging branding for visibility.

View Hanging Banner Stands at http://display.tejaswi.biz/index.php/product/banner-poster-hanger/




Popup Stands

Popup Stands are highly effective stands for a backdrop for an exhibition Stall. Though these units pricing are on higher side but can customize to you stall size as per your requirement. They Come in a Carry Bag with Aluminium frame and easily setup system.

View Details at http://display.tejaswi.biz/index.php/product-category/popup-system/




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