Magnetic Popup

Points to consider before purchasing a Pop up stand with graphics

With over 80 different pop up systems on the market it can be difficult to choose the right one. All manufacturers or resellers will tell you that their product is the best so here are some points to consider before you purchase.

  • What are the timeline and investments required in the system?
  • Will it fit within your shell scheme?
  • Are all the graphic panels, including the end panels the same width? This is important as it will offer you greater flexibility. Some systems have narrow end panels and because of the printing and laminating process they are almost impossible to keep attached to the system as the want to spring straight.
  • Always purchase a fully magnetic system. This means a system that has magnetic locking bars and magnetic graphic hangers. People forget to undo mechanical locking bars when they take the system down which inevitably means frame damage. Like wise avoid systems that use a hole or cut out to hang the graphics. These will easily damage with frequent use.

We customize the Pop up Stand  as and how it is required. For details Email us at

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