3x3 mtr exhibition stall

Tips for making small exhibition stall of size 3 mtr x 3 mtr / 4 mtr x 3 mtr attractive

No matter what size of the stall you have taken, your objective for exhibition participation remains the same.There are ways to make your small exhibition stall look attractive for sizes like 3 meter x 3 meter (9 square Meter)/ 4 meter x 3 meter ( 12  square mter) etc. The best way to make them look good are using solutions as below

1. Flex backdrop covering back walls.

Covering up your existing system walls covered with flex branding makes the stall project a unique brand image. There are multiple things you can use in the stall along with flex back walls

1. Flex backdrop for your stall

2. Covring up reception with Branding like sunboard

3. Covering the facia board with branding

4. Using Leaflet stand that can carry anywhere

5. May be a Plasma TV on Stand

3x3 Meter Stall

2. Vinyl Pasting on Back wall

Another option is pasting the vinyl poster on the back walls , branding on facia board, Branding on counter, leaflet stand, plasma on stand.

Exhibition Vinyl Poster stall

3. Fabricating the stall with Platform Carpet, Back wall with paint and product display, plus reception table branding, Leaflets stand is another solution to make the stall look more attractive, however the budget here can go on a higher side compared to above option.

4. Portable Exhibition Kit is again a great solution for shell scheme stalls and there are various units that can be reused for multiple setups, hence saving money and time. To get your custom Portable Exhibition Kit mail at enquiry@tejaswi.biz

3x3 mtr exhibition stall design
3×3 mtr Portable Exhibition Kit










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