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Unique Modular Kits for Exhibitions & Displays…

There are range of unique Modular Kits for Exhibitions and Displays available that can be easily used for multiple setups and offer great outlook for any brand. Modular solutions are created keeping in mind the usability of structures and customized to fit in specific size and display requirement. These units are highly customized product based or brand based structured tailored to fit dimensions.

Modular Kits are widely used in the market due to the portability, reusable nature and stability of the structure. They provide great visibility in any environment and offer utmost creative concept displays for any kind of brand visibility. Modular kits comes in various size, shapes, structures, utility etc and are designed to fit any requirement to the core..

What makes the Modular Kits Unique?

– Re usability of the structure for multiple venue setup

– Compactness of the unit for easy transportation

– Premium quality structure offering sophisticated outlook

– Easily extendable unit for different sizing parameters

– Highly Customized Tailored Display options

– Highly Durable System

– Variable Print options

– Variable equipment options

Modular kits are great tools for any brand participating in exhibitions, event and for displays in showrooms, malls etc as they are designed keeping in mind the core objective of utility. These units are offered in various external connecting units too as per requirement.. They are highly customized Kits as per required size specs totally accessorized as per requirement.

For further details on Modular Kits pls send mail at enquiry@tejaswi.biz


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Magnetic Backdrop System

Magnetic Backdrop  systems adds high impact and pizzazz to any presentation or exhibition stand.Magnetic Backdrop systems provide maximum portability. A standard 3m backwall with lights and case to counter conversion will pack into one wheeled case. In addition to straight and curved pop-up displays it is possible to create a range of configurations for presentations and exhibitions.

Available in Straight or Curved configurations. Curved display deploy as a mild curve and give added impact. No hangers ,complete magnetic  backdrop system.

Portable Exhibition Solution

Magnetic Backdrop systems  are unique portable units and easily compacted in a trolley bag, airbag etc. These are reusable units with changes in prints for multiple usage across varied range of campaigns for the clients. A single time investment with extensive usage for the display requirement. These are available in curved and straight system and easily configured in various sizes

Standard Sizes of the popups are

1×3 Magnetic Backdrop
2×3 Magnetic Backdrop
3×3 Magnetic Backdrop 

Easy to connect these units for form a larger display setup for exhibitions

Visit our website at http://www.portableexhibitionkit.co.in/magnetic-backdrop/


– Compact Unit

– Reusable System

– Durable System

– Minimum Installation and Dismantling Time

– Warrantied Product

– Recommended for International and Domestic Travel

We customize the Backdrop as and how it is required. For details Email us at Enquiry@tejaswi.biz

For Printing Magnetic Backdrop: Magnetic Backdrop Print Solution


 Magnetic Backdrop


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ELECRAMA is the world’s largest electrical T&D exhibition held biennially in Mumbai, India since 1990. It has grown to be the world’s largest one-stop-shop for electrical and industrial electronics. Continue reading Elecrama

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India International Jewellary Show (IIJS)

India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) is India’s biggest jewelry show and is fast emerging as one of the Asia’s largest jewelry trade show also. IIJS  presents a wide range of latest and trendy jewellery designs. It will provide a wonderful platform to the exhibitors to promote their products and brands, as well as to interact directly with influential buyers and key decision makers in the jewellery industry. Continue reading India International Jewellary Show (IIJS)

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What are the choices of exhibition stand space?

There are various choices of Exhibition Stand Space offered by Organizer Particular Exhibitions. The major Exhibitions offer two types of space: Space only and Shell Scheme Stall.

Space only

Space only is cheaper but you will be responsible for supplying everything within that space from the carpet to the walls and lighting. Space only stands are generally taken by clients that are having a custom built exhibition stand. Space only stands can normally be built to a height of 4m before planning permission is required. Continue reading What are the choices of exhibition stand space?

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How to decorate an exhibition booth?

Decorating Exhibition Booth with various materials makes them highly attractive to the target audience. It is important to use the right trade show display and include your company’s logo and designs in it. This will make your stall more attractive and will draw people toward your stall. It can also give you a chance to show your products to the masses.

Continue reading How to decorate an exhibition booth?

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How to Design an Exhibition Stall ?

Exhibition is a big platform for companies to directly display their strengths in front of the Buyers. Designing an Exhibition Stall is a crucial stage as to promote the company in the right directions.There are various companies in the market who can help in designing exhibition stall, However planning and selecting what is required in Exhibition Stall is crucial Factor. Continue reading How to Design an Exhibition Stall ?