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Portable Backdrops are a Great Solution

Portable Backdrop, Reusable Backdrop are Great Solution for Exhibitions, Events, Conferences, Seminars, Promotions, Brand Activation, Sales Activation etc. Whether any kind of activities these Portable Backdrops are Unique Ways to Project any Brand in the Market in a desired fashion.

There are range of Portable Backdrops available in the market, in various forms and structures based on size, space and budget requirement. Each Backdrop Stands out on its own benefits and usability. The main benefits are they are Portable in terms of easy to carry in a case and transported to location without much hassles.

Each Portable Backdrops comes with a set of materials and setup instruction as to aid in minimum time frame for installation and dismantling. These are all hassle free structure you can carry last minute for your activities and set up in not time, while others struggle to their setup. You can walk in to any Event or Exhibitions or Seminars or Conferences or Promotions or Brand activation with your Backdrop and start the activity immediately without much hassles at all.

Benefits of Portable Backdrops

  • Tool Free Units for easy setup and dismantling. No Hassles of Tools for fixing the Backdrop and setting up at location
  • Custom Carry Case for Individual Backdrops  as to easily transport to location and save on logistics.
  • Exclusive Print changeable structure for reusing for various activities.
  • Extendable Units, Some units are extendable in case you want to use for different sizes
  • International Activities Ready Structure for different Global Activities
  • Easy Setup and Dismantling Instructions

We offer Highly customized Portable Backdrop as per your size and space requirements. To Get your Custom Portable Backdrop, Send Mail on portable@tejaswi.biz or Call +91-9769825585

Magnetic Backdrops a Perfect Portable Backdrop Solution for Exhibitions / Events…

Magnetic Backdrops are a great tools for any of the Exhibitions, Events, Corporates, Malls etc as to give highly professional projection. Magnetic Backdrop Systems are one of the most used systems in the market due to their Reusability, Portability, Easy Installation and Dismantling, Minimum Timeframe for Setups etc. Magnetic Backdrops creates great ambiance due to its sophisticated look and are an efficient tool to attract target audience to the location. Continue reading Magnetic Backdrops a Perfect Portable Backdrop Solution for Exhibitions / Events…

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Velcro Backdrop System

Velcro Backdrops are  Cheaper and flexible solution for portable display . Easy to setup, dismantled and carried to varied locations for brand solution. Highly effective printing and display system for varied usage. Continue reading Velcro Backdrop System

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