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What, Why & How of Portable Exhibition Kit..

What is this buzz about Portable Exhibition Kit in the Market ?.. Why it is used extensively globally ?.. How can it help save Exhibition Budget?.. There are thousands of questions and people hardly know the structures at all. Today we will try to answer some of these questions as to get brief of the kits.

What are Portable Exhibition Kits after all?

Portable Exhibition Kit as a special structures that are specially designed so that huge structures can be collapsed to smaller size, easy enough to fit in a bag or carry case. For example There is a back wall structure for your exhibition with branding and same needs to be reused again and again for various exhibitions, the Portable exhibition kit has structure like backdrop that will convert that huge wall into smaller structure so that you can easily carry from places to place, plus set up in minimum time-frame.

Why is it used Extensively Globally ?

These special Kits are great structure comes in various forms and sizes plus utility. It can be you Backdrop or a Counter or a Brochure Holder or a custom display, all can be easily be used  with Portable Exhibition kit. Also you are not to rely on others for the shows, you can set these structures in no time at all. When we participate in global exhibition there is a budget constraint to some extent and going to new place and searching for someone who can help you with the stall is a big risk, this is where Portable Exhibition Kit comes into picture and give you flexibility to use them as you please. Portable Exhibition Kits are the future of the global exhibitions and there are vast number of people using it all across.

How can it help save Exhibition Budget ?

Companies tend to participate in number of exhibitions and these exhibitions has some set of budget for each exhibition for structure construction. With these number of exhibition participation there is a huge chunk of budget that is set. This is where Portable Exhibition Kit comes into picture, these structures are one time investment and every time you participate either you can get them reprinted or use it as it is for a long time with some variation in placement of structure as per stall size.

Is it a Fixed Structure for Exhibition Stall ?

These Kits are customized as per stall requirement and are ready to fit in various stall sizes as per requirement. A one Portable Exhibition Stall can be used for variation of Stall sized by addition or removal of structures here and there and some customization.

If you have any further question for Portable Exhibition Kits, send us mail on portable@tejaswi.biz. Also you can visit our shop of Portable Exhibition Kit at http://portableexhibitionkit.co.in/shop

Triangular Banner Stand

Our tri-banner three-sided displays  (Triangular Banner Stand) create great eye-catching attention from all angles as there is a graphic panel on all sides of the display. Each full color graphic panel is custom printed from the customer’s artwork on durable PP material. Continue reading Triangular Banner Stand

Importance of Portable Display

When you are traveling up and down the country to attend trade shows, conferences and exhibitions, you do not want to be dealing with display signage that is a chore to set up, take down and transport. Portable Display, Pop up and roller banners are the ideal solution in such situations as their lightweight designs help to keep labour at an absolute minimum whilst ensuring your displays always get maximum exposure. Continue reading Importance of Portable Display

Portable Exhibition Kit / Trade Show Booth Advantage

Portable Exhibition Kit, Portable Exhibition Stall Solution provide you with a cost-efficient alternative to custom trade show displays. They are highly versatile, easy to transport and assemble, and enable you to achieve a strong presence at a variety of different types of shows with different space configurations.

Portable booths also allow you to effectively showcase your company with eye-catching designs and graphics. They are far less expensive than custom trade show booth displays and enable you to stretch your marketing and sales budget without skimping on image and impact at a show.

A Unique solution to use the Same Setup again and again for different exhibitions in different stall sizes

1.One Time Investment
2. Easy Installation and Dismantling
3.Short Setup Time
4.Easy to use system
5.Easy to carry
6.Long lasting systems

Essential to your success with a portable booth is to work with an experienced designer who can create strong, high-impact graphics that attract booth visitors and portray your product message and benefits in a powerful, compelling manner.

Most portable booths have a lightweight, pop-up frame that snaps together, looks great even after many uses, and takes very little time to assemble or tear down.

They can be transported in a size that easily fits in any vehicle from a compact car to a SUV, and most come in cases with wheels that make getting to and from your vehicle a breeze.

Panels for these booths are not only simple to put together, but also can be easily updated as frequently as needed or even switched out depending on the circumstances. This will save your company the hassle and expense of buying multiple booths.

To get special discounted Portable Exhibition Kit Visit: http://www.portableexhibitionkit.co.in/

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Magnetic Backdrop System

Magnetic Backdrop  systems adds high impact and pizzazz to any presentation or exhibition stand.Magnetic Backdrop systems provide maximum portability. A standard 3m backwall with lights and case to counter conversion will pack into one wheeled case. In addition to straight and curved pop-up displays it is possible to create a range of configurations for presentations and exhibitions.

Available in Straight or Curved configurations. Curved display deploy as a mild curve and give added impact. No hangers ,complete magnetic  backdrop system.

Portable Exhibition Solution

Magnetic Backdrop systems  are unique portable units and easily compacted in a trolley bag, airbag etc. These are reusable units with changes in prints for multiple usage across varied range of campaigns for the clients. A single time investment with extensive usage for the display requirement. These are available in curved and straight system and easily configured in various sizes

Standard Sizes of the popups are

1×3 Magnetic Backdrop
2×3 Magnetic Backdrop
3×3 Magnetic Backdrop 

Easy to connect these units for form a larger display setup for exhibitions

Visit our website at http://www.portableexhibitionkit.co.in/magnetic-backdrop/


– Compact Unit

– Reusable System

– Durable System

– Minimum Installation and Dismantling Time

– Warrantied Product

– Recommended for International and Domestic Travel

We customize the Backdrop as and how it is required. For details Email us at Enquiry@tejaswi.biz

For Printing Magnetic Backdrop: Magnetic Backdrop Print Solution


 Magnetic Backdrop


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Deluxe / Luxury Banner Stands

We offer roll ups which are dynamically balanced and can be placed conveniently. These portable roll ups are easy to use and are generally used for events, shows, product launches etc. Continue reading Deluxe / Luxury Banner Stands

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Velcro Backdrop System

Velcro Backdrops are  Cheaper and flexible solution for portable display . Easy to setup, dismantled and carried to varied locations for brand solution. Highly effective printing and display system for varied usage. Continue reading Velcro Backdrop System

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