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Portable Hanger Banners Saves the Day..

Portable Hanger Banners saves the day.. For many of our clientele it has saved their day by using these simple, hanging banners for all their Global Expos. These Portable Hanger Banners have being a handy tool for various Exhibition participants across the world, where they participate booking a Shell Scheme Stands.

Portable Hanger Banners are a great tool for any Shell Scheme Stall in an Exhibition, as to showcase branding on the back wall without sticking or attaching anything to back wall. Not only does it suffice Exhibition Organizer Guidelines for not attaching or spoiling their back walls, But also have been an effective solution due to portability, reliability and high quality print solutions.

Many of our Clientele Participates in Global and Local Expos and books shell scheme stands that has raw walls. Initially they use to get the posters made and attach to back walls, at the end realizing that posters not giving the required impact, plus they are destroyed once used. Also these posters are Hard to carry due to size barriers and hence the cost of logistics goes high too.

It gets hard to explain without visualization of what we are offering, we are offering a solution that not only you can use for multiple expos, but also store and carry with minimum space requirement.


Shell Scheme Stall Tips


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Special Easy to Shoulder Carry Case

 Hanger Banner Bag A Customized Carry Case to Carry or Transport Your Hanger Banners in a Shoulder Carry bag, gives a World of Comfort in carrying the Hanger Banners.

A single bag can carry 6 Hanger Banners at a Time, making it possible to carry entire Hanger kit at one go.

No need to stick posters on the wall or rely on someone else to come and paste sticker, just carry your Hanger Banners and hook them.

No worry of Last movement setups, your hanger banners will be hooked to the Shell Scheme Walls in no time at all.

Whether International or Domestic Expos, Hanger Banners are Perfect Solution for all.


We offer Highly customized Portable Hanger Banners as per your size and space requirements. To Get your Custom Portable Hanger Banners, Send Mail on portable@tejaswi.biz or Call +91-9769825585